well hello

well hello

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pictures of Thin

My cat cried and danced around, implying "I WANT FOOD!" I cleaned his dish ever so carefully and filled it with a heaping 1/3 cup full of high-priced cat food. He devoured most of it in a flurry, and then? Puked. Twice. On my rug.

My cat is bulimic. 

He just went back for the rest of it, and is now chugging water. What the fuck? Cats can't learn such things, right?

I'd argue that cats really can't *learn* anything - they don't have the brain capacity. I just wanted to post that amusing little anecdote.

He's seemingly fine now. I'm doing okay. Besides cleaning up cat puke, this morning is not horrible. I got some sleep last night, but with vivid, disturbing dreams as per usual. I am smoking a little morning bowl. I had an entire glass of water already. I've been drinking so much water. I <3 my Brita.

It's now 11:02 in the morning. I will shower and go to campus. I can do this. I will bring all my books and do research. Yup. It'll be good. It needs to happen and today is a good day to do it. 

Thanks for the comments last night, I know binges happen, I just really HATE when I give in. Today isn't looking so bad so hopefully I'll be real strong. I have to be strong.

Today (Wednesday) I will: Shower, Go to Campus, Attend Presentation, Do Research in Preparation for Tomorrow's Project, Do the Dishes, Do Laundry.

That's so typical of me, to take one thing and turn it into a list. I'm going to stick to it. Stay strong Sar. Stay strong Readers.

Thinspo ->

I feel a little stronger after viewing these pictures. If these bitche$ can do it so can I.

Peace, xo~Sar

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Anonymous said...

aw poor kitty. poor you for having to clean that up! Good luck on your list today! Nice thinspo :)

Stick Thin said...

Good luck with the research. This is your final stretch of school right? Stick with it and just get it done! I hope you have a better day and I'm sorry about the cat puke. :( I hate cats. Don't hate me for saying that

I have hamsters, they just smell up the room fast with their microscopic poops. He He.

Love you :)

Cally C. said...

Needed the thinspo! Thanks!