well hello

well hello

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 is ending on a decent note

I got a full time job!!!!!! Starting January 2, woo! New year, new job!!!

Last night I went to J.'s work holiday party with him. We had a blast and ended the night with karaoke and lots of making out. I can't believe this you guys....and yet I can, it's like I knew all along.

I am feeling very BLOATED today from all the wine last night plus I ate cheese puffs when I got home. Ugh. Salt sucks.

I have to work today and then off for three days! My friends are having a sweet ugly sweater Christmas party on Saturday so I am looking forward to that! More drunken fun with J. and all of our friends? Yes please!

Life is good. If the world ends tomorrow I will at least die happy. If the world doesn't end tomorrow then I'm buying myself some new shoes, to celebrate.

Think thin.

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