well hello

well hello

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I was down 2.5 pounds today when I woke and weighed myself. Does anyone else hate layering shirts? I think I look so fat when I wear (for example) a tank top underneath a short-sleeved shirt. So it's just my bra underneath.

The best part of working retail is looking at all the thin fashionable and pretty customers. Some are the exact opposite: obese and slovenly, lacking any kind of style. I heard one very large woman grumbling and bitching because "all the clothes are for stick figures", well excuse me lady but we go up to a size 18 for women and if you are bigger than that...well you honestly need to not be. Eat less.

Christ. I'm in a mood. Think thin and have a good day, people. I'm off to work.


M Love said...

I completely hate layering as well... yuck, I feel like it makes my waist look huge.

RunnerLove said...

You women need to realize how sick this disease is. It's anorexia and it's not pretty. Ever.
You know what? I'm a girl who fits in 00 jeans and XS shirts; I can see my hip bones, collarbones, and my last ribs. My thighs don't touch but my calves do. I think my body is disgustingly thin, but if you want a healthy way to get really thin like me? Become a runner. A long distance runner is healthy looking but still skinny. She eats whatever she wants but is still thin as heck.
Please, go run. Go get thin, but go get healthy!
May God help you become healthy.