well hello

well hello

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Welll helllloooo Gwyneth...you're gorgeously skinny.

And hello world! Happy Easter! Stay away from those candy baskets (duh) and avoid the hardboiled eggs, as well. They're little fat bombs. I am writing to you from my college town, but in one hour's time I will be on my way home, to my hometown, where I will be MOVING in just over a month. Skurry.

I worked this morning, gag. It sucked, it was really busy; it's like, hello people, it's a holiday, stay in and just enjoy, don't come here and spend money. Well idk. Maybe they just wanted breakfast, but whatever. I didn't have breakfast....or lunch. So why should you? So many fat people come in to my work. I've said it before and I'll say it again: they scare me.

And oddly enough I am simultaneously fascinated by them. How do you eat so much and get so fat without caring? That's what it is, right? It's not blindness and you can't be that oblivious to your body. They just don't care. It's sad really. All of that weight crushing your organs can't be good. Yet, here I sit, smoking weed and probably a cigarette very shortly. Am I any better? Sure, I starve myself until my body switches to autopilot, eating for me. Because my mind is not a part of my disgusting binge actions. My mind is elsewhere, anywhere but here. I smoke daily, and rarely get enough sleep. I probably have skin cancer (a legitimate fear of mine). I hope I'm going to be ok. 
But I'm not obese.

^Never will I ever.

This was supposed to be a quick note. I wished to remind myself to not eat candy, once I'm home. I haven't ate yet today though, just coffee. So I am really scared I am just going to freak out and eat. Isn't that crazy, that I could be scared of something that I have direct control over?

How are you today? Anyone have a success story? I'd love to hear it, like how you looked food in the face and turned your back, without a single thought or regret ( :  Stay strong all the time..

I love feeling super skinny and like my clothes are so baggy on me.. <3
I just want to be tiny.

* Think thin *



Ever. said...

Glad to hear you're doing well =)
Happy Easter to you, too! :)
God, fat people scare me too. I don't understand their mindsets...if I was obese, I wouldn't be able to live like that AT ALL, I'd have to change immediately. But I guess when you're fat, there is no such thing as "immediate change", because you don't look in the mirror one day and realize you're fat.
Not sure if that made any sense haha.
Take care,

Stick Thin said...

You are my success story