well hello

well hello

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be thin.

Could you bare it all on a moment's notice? and feel good about yourself? Look to this thinspiration to put down that f&$d. Starve on.

To be thin is to be hot.

*You can wear anything when you're thin.

*You look younger when you're thin.

Bikini time..you ready and looking good? Better be. Ana says so.

No one likes fat.

*skinny legs.

*skinny arms.

*flat stomach.

no rolls=a dream.

*amazing thighs.

*just don't eat. it's simple, really.

*skinny is sensual.

*get your number and decrease it by ten.

or just try to be Victoria Beckham. she's doing many things right : )

love it. live it. be thin. be lovely**



VictoriaCrimson said...


Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

Fantastic post.

Really and truly.

I needed this tonight.

I'm feeling this ridiculous amount of renewed motivation this evening, and I want it to carry through to tomorrow, and the next day, only growing stronger as time passes so that I can get myself out of this hole I've been digging for what seems like forever...

I'm done.

I'm done messing around. I'm done caring what's right and what's wrong to the world, because I'm the one living this life, and I need to make ME okay.

And I will finally be okay when I am thin. <3

Beautiful thinspo, simple, powerful words...

Thank you! :D