well hello

well hello

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


No more lottery tickets!!!!!!!! I blow mad money and never win any!!!!!!!! I took a nice long walk today, it was great, then sauntered around town in a super short skirt feeling fat! Food for today: a nectarine, lime fiber one yogurt, and strawberry soyjoy bar...all good stuff..oh and I just bought a cappuccino..it said fat free :) Bottom line? Ever since I activated my credit card I have been spending far too much money on food, cigarettes, and lotto tickets...fuck.


Anonymous said...

You are a great writer! You are smart and gifted. Please get some help for your emotional problems. The food issue is a symptom of some deeper issues (as I am sure you realize). I pray that you would get yourself to a counselor-don't let it get any worse! Also, find your footing with Jesus again-he can help you-those nightmares could be the enemy attacking you-ask for Jesus to protect you. Praying for you!!

All about Lily said...

You do are a good writer. Good luck for your quest of being thin. You can do it!
Don't spend to much on the lottery though...