well hello

well hello

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Randomness after a long day.

No more going to work high. Every time I wear a pony tail I rip hairs out.
Well I didn't do so good food-wise at work. By the way earlier I tore off a lot of excess bread from my dd flatbread. I did the same thing to the creme-filled donut with chocolate frosting that I ate at work. I stole it. Damn. It was 40 cents, but next time I work I swear I will put 50 cents in the register to make up for it. I just wanted it, and more than likely it would be thrown out tomorrow anyway. So I ate about three quarters of that. And on my break I ate one "cow tail" (110 cal) and a full pack of twizzlers (there was eight of them at 240 cal). Now my teeth hurt from all the sugar. Fuck.

Why do I crave sweets at work? Probably because I am always tired there, and I know the coffee isn't the best idea, so in my head I think, "oh sugar = energy, I shall indulge". How childish and closed- minded of me. Maybe if I went to bed earlier and didn't smoke pot all day I wouldn't be so damn tired all the time. Before work I was looking good, with a nice flat tummy because I had been avoiding carbs and sodium. You better believe both of those evil things were in the candy I scarfed down like a person possessed. What comes over me? A sense of wanting to chew. I am so weird, I always talk about food, and think about it. It is annoying because it is abnormal. I don't know what it is like to be normal around food. Since I was very little I have avoided red meat, and up until sophomore year of high school, I didn't eat pizza or anything with sauce. I ate chicken. Now I don't. Now I am a vegetarian and proud to be one. However I occasionally eat honey, gelatin, and dairy. But someday I shall be vegan.

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