well hello

well hello

Monday, July 13, 2009


Why do I spend so much money on junk food? Every single damn day I buy something. Today was: mac & cheese tv dinner, frozen broccoli, scoops corn chips, candy corn, and sugar free coconut filled chocolates. Gag. I ate half of the bags of candy corn and corn chips. Fuck. My stomach feels weird. I was doing ok, I ate 3 bananas today, and a small can of french style green beans. Then the junk food binge and SPLURGE happened.

There is a weight in my stomach, and a heavy iron ball pushing down on each shoulder.

I am out of water.
Just remembered that I ALSO bought fruity mentos. Fuck fuck. Ate about half of those. If I can stop it here I'll be ok. I guess I just need to get higher.

I bought an awesome tapestry and hung it by my bed, it's .s w e e t. I also bought a measuring tape! I am curious about my inches, but definitely waiting till tomorrow for all that fun. At this point I am very bloated from alllll the salt. Nasty.



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