well hello

well hello

Friday, August 7, 2009

30 hours in ...

Since Wednesday night all I have ate is one low fat pudding cup and about ten blueberries. I am proud of myself, and not going to stop now. Oddly enough I feel no hunger pains. I am smoking right now, so some will more than likely creep up. I know this may occur, therefore I am prepared. No eating. I work until 7:15, so depending on how I feel by then, I may eat. That is a big if I feel like it.

Loving Amy Winehouse's cd "Back to Black"...amazing songs, her voice is haunting. I can't stop listening to these slow, sad songs. Last night was really fun by the way. I definitely got hit on by a handsome 30 year old. Wow 8 year difference..crazyness. He was very tall and skinny, with narrow features and a deep voice. He gave me his number on a piece of paper offered from the bar tender..old fashioned or what...ha.

Think thin people! It is soo inspiring to discover how many blogs there are concerning this type of behavior, whatever that means. I am afraid to say "pro ana"..it sounds so...hmmm. Don't know exactly. But I couldn't imagine being "for" starving. I wish I was normal is what I am trying to say. And at the SAME TIME all I want is to be extremely thin. Whatta hyprocrite.

Time to get ready for work, fun. Just wanted to post a quick one to get some random thoughts out of the way, including my fast! Which, in the time it took to write this, I forgot all about. Muahahaha I am going to lose pounds! Can't wait : )

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