well hello

well hello

Sunday, August 30, 2009

sad soul and survivor's guilt(less)sar.

Lazy Sundays off. Love it. I need these "do nothing" hours where I can choose to be productive or choose to lounge and take cat naps throughout the quiet afternoon. My kitten is sleeping next to me on the couch, how freaking cute. All I ate today was one gummy vitamin, and one bowl of store brand instant oatmeal made with water in the microwave. Oh, and two bottles of water so far.

I should be with my family today. I am someone who thinks for herself first most of the time:: I sat here for a moment just now with my fingers poised over my laptop keyboard, my heart still, my breathing slowed, and thought about how my heart was breaking.

Binged last night on three medium sized WHOLE GRAIN dinner rolls..with butter.gag. A palak paneer frozen dinner (didn't eat the whole thing). candy bar/I have a nasty sweet tooth .. organic "tortilla dippers" and salsa.

I didn't even try to purge and I felt nasty. I am not horribly bloated from all of that terrible sodium, but drinking tons of water today won't hurt.

I am going to get back to leaning back and being lazy.

Later babes.


Think Thin!!!

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