well hello

well hello

Friday, August 14, 2009

Eric Clapton Unplugged.

Hey, today is the day, I have a hair appointment at 2 pm..yay! No I cannot afford it, but I desperately want to liven up my look, so highlights should do the trick. I have so much shit I should be doing, it is terrible. I am lazyyy. Oh to be internally motivated. I rely on devices such as pipes. I went grocery shopping last night and spent $40. I got a lot..but not a ton, I just like the healthier, pricier food. Amy's organic tv dinner, weight watchers 90 cal cookies (ha), bananas, body lotion, tp, whatev. It's all just stuff, isn't it? Stuff to eat or use. If I never ate I would save so much money.

I need to clean this place so bad, I am living a sloppy life. Right now I am sitting here wearing only a thong and tee. I need to be reminded of these thighs though..fuck, they are flabby. Gross. If that is not motivation right there, then what is? I haven't touched my guitar. I haven't worn ANY of the clothes that I've bought recently. The two skirts I bought honestly don't fit right. They are tight. I feel like I keep rhyming, but I ain't no rapper, word.

If you were wondering yes I am high right now. My writing is scatter-brained. I am nervous about taking the blonde plunge. I like my brown hair, it is comfortable. I suppose stepping outside of my boundaries is potentially scary. Seriously, Sar. Get a grip, it's just hair. I just have these worries, I don't want to damage my hair by the bleach; it is a genuwine concern and I have to ask, what the fuck? I am lost. I don't know what I am saying. I am just moving these fingers in short directions, quickly and tediously. I should remove my half off toenail polish, perhaps that will jumpstart my morning.

What I ate yesterday:
1 Amy's vegan dinner (290 cal)
1 ww oatmeal raisin cookie (90 cal)
couple handfuls of candy corn (300 cal?)
2 sargento light string cheeses (50 cal each)
1 bag light popcorn (275 cal)

Ugh... Right now I am eating a banana. Hopefully today will be a real good day.

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