well hello

well hello

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I hate being so weak. I do good, then bad. Wtf was that last night? I totally binged out...I am so sick of it. Why can't I be content without stuffing my face so late at night? If I would have went straight to bed I wouldn't be so exhausted right now, before work. But noo... I had to go nuts on string cheese, ww cookies, broccoli, and spaghetti-o's mixed with mushrooms???? eww..I remember after shoveling several large spoonfuls in my mouth that I started to feel grossed out. Luckily I didn't finish the bowl. But still. God. I can't even begin to calculate/imagine my total number of calories yesterday. Ahh. So what I deserve is to starve. Fast today. No food. No more being a fatass. Oh my, I am so bloated, I hate life!!!!

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No food today. Nothing. Nada.

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Brune said...

I did the same thing yesterday, binged at night after haven't eaten in the whole day :/ but i'm sure that whatever you ate, it won't increase your weight so much..and as you said so you can always fast the next day :D So be strong and don't give up. Take care.