well hello

well hello

Friday, August 7, 2009


It has been 24 hours since anything solid has passed through my mouth. I apologize, I am drunk. I completed a one day fast! This makes me ecstatic!

Ok 30 minutes later, A. just left, we smoked, how ironic: the other night I had a dream we were fucking. He has a gf. Oh well, it was just a dream, and tonight just a bowl session. Ok it was 2:10 am when we met up. It is now 3. I am so drunk off vodka & soda waters, my new low cal favorite mixed drink. I have not ate. I am thinking about going to bed without eating, therefore stretching my first ever fast into two days. I kind of want to, but my stomach hurts, and thinks food would make it feel better. How about this. Maybe I will just eat something very small. Hmm. I think it would not make me feel better.

I think I will just chug some water and try to fall asleep. I already know I will be puking up alcohol in the morning before work.

I am so fucked up, fuck. A. is hot, but shorter than me (big turn off). I am in need of some action. My body hurts and my tummy wants food. Ow. Blah. I feel powerful, I am so so happy I didn't cave at all today. I drank: water, black coffee, and one diet snapple [plus 1 double vodka/soda h20 and one single]. My head aches right now. I need to stop typing, this is hard to do, any everytime I spell something wrong and the red line appears under a word I HAVE to fix it, I must, or I go a little crazy inside.

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