well hello

well hello

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Date night.

We're sitting around a table, playing a drinking game with cards. The game is 'Kings'. If you pick the King card than you have to drink from the main cup, which everyone pours some booze in. I pull the King card, of course, so I eye the drink. It is filled with whiskey and coke and beer. Calorie bomb. I was feeling tipsy and wanting to be drunk so I said to myself, the hell with it, just drink. And as I lift the cup to my lips, this guy across the table said, "Chug it, you could use the calories".


Thanks for commenting on my size in front of ten people and turning all eyes on me and making me feel uncomfortable, because don't you see how fat I am? I can't win though. And I can't let him win. So I smiled smugly and downed the drink in a couple of seconds. It wasn't awful.

That was Sunday night. Today is Tuesday and I feel huge. Today I had watermelon and some (gasp!) white pasta with this disgusting garlic butter sauce that was left over from a party we had for the fourth. It was the only thing in our fridge full of food that looked appetizing. I would guess that I ate maybe 1 1/2 - 2 cups. It' so fucking hard to know, I can guess all I want, but I'll never know the truth.

My love life has gotten interesting. I enjoy being a 'pimp'. By that I mean, I love talking to several guys at once...

Well, I've done some laundry and now I'm smoking a little bowl. I am going shopping, because this guy "D." is picking me up to go to a concert :) It's the first time we actually have plans to chill. He is gorgeous and incredibly tall. I want to look bangin' so I'm looking to buy a dress. I am nervous as fuck which is why I am done eating for the day. Pasta and fruit: all I need for this beautiful Tuesday.

I refuse to have a bloated stomach. I have a few hours, 4 to be exact, before he comes. Ugh, a real date!?

Am I ready?

OH, and THANK YOU for the lovely comments. I felt sort of foolish asking such things of you! But you surprised me, darling!! <3

Peace on Earth,


wish me luck, haha. Should be a good time but you know...only time will tell.

I'm thinking thin, are you??
ThinK ThiN

<3 Sar

*NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels...*


Charr. said...

Definitely thinking thin today ;D
Have fun, I'm excited for you!! :) Enjoy yourself dear, like the new layout bytheway.

Anonymous said...

I love drinking games and I play King's Cup often lol. But yeah...totally caloric bomb bleh. Stay Strong!

Dizzy Eyes said...

hi, i just started reading your blog, and it's so lovely. you have a really nice way of talking about your life, it flows so nicely. hah, your love life sounds killer. enjoy your date! and keep on pimping, hehe. =)