well hello

well hello

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I fasted yesterday. It was quite unexpected ... and it really made me proud. Today? It's been good. I freaked out a little around some chips, but my stomach is empty now and it was empty before the chips so whatever.

I am experiencing hardcore writer's block right now. The other day I mentioned that ONE little project that is standing in my way. As soon as it's done, which it will be, tonight, AS SOON AS IT'S DONE, I'm done, muthafuckers!
With my summer class, that is. I just need to do it. Omg. I am slacking but I think my brain just wants food because it's all I can think of. Well hell no, brain! I was at 135 today, which is an improvement over the beginning of the week, but I won't feel better until I hit 130. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need to stay strong.

I didn't even shower today. HOURS have been dedicated to this stupid project and yet I'm still staring at a blank page. Oh man. So here's the plan. I'm going to take a little drive to the video store, to return this video. Should I puff a little on the road? Yes, I think I might. Maybe it'll help.
I mean, this project isn't *technically* due until tomorrow, but I reallllllyyy hoped to get it done by tonight, just to get this fucking stress off my back.


I bought some clothes yesterday. A new bikini (that was fun, NOT), some jeans, some shorts, a tank top, an awesome dress, and some purple tights :)

The essentials, ya know. I do love shopping. It makes me feel good! Dang, there's that feeling in my stomach again, I guess that laxie tea really helps out.

Peace !

Think thin !!

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Emry said...

When it came to school projects/papers, it seems like I did better/was most productive when it came down to the wire, when it absolutely had to be done. Up until that point, I was completely distractable &/or blank-minded. Good luck, hope ya get it done without much more trouble!