well hello

well hello

Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm 24 years old but last night I bought a night light. Pathetic, but necessary. I have developed a strange fear of the dark. I've been waking up with a scream, terrified of the blackness of the night. It's just a little bronze star. I feel like a fucking loser admitting that to the world, but it's not like I plan to tell anyone else about it.

To get ready for tonight (my best friend is visiting!):
Take a shower, shave legs, look pretty. Wash dishes. Clean (litterbox, vaccuum, bathroom, empty garbages & recycling). Buy booze. Buy a cute top (maybe). Class at one. Do homework for class. Damn I want to do pretty much all of that before class, and it's already after nine. I also want to blaze but that might have to wait. Maybe not. It's not like I volunteer much in class, anyway. If I'm stoned I'll be peaceful.

Tea. Water. Tea. Water. Gummy Vitamins. Water. Water. Water.

We're going to check out T.'s band tonight. Ohgod. Not because I want to support him, but because I want to distract him. From his gf. I don't exactly envision this happening/going smoothly, so I plan to be quite drunk. The plan is for us to get really fucked up (high & drunk) and "crash" this house party/ house show. I will get as close to the stage as I can when he's performing. Everyone will become enlightened off endorphins as the night proceeds. I will give him a hug and say what a great job he did.
And that's it.

There's tons of other guys around and if T. wants to be chained to his emo girlfriend ... well ... sucks to be him. I'll just be out there getting my game on. With my best friend. SO excited to see her and show her my new apartment. I remember when she came and stayed in my old place (the one that burnt down). We had a really good time :) But there is a better place for her to sleep here. For me too, I love my bed. It's freaking comfortable.

I'm newly obsessed with checking out the "stats" tab on here.

I'm bloated from my friend mother nature. Midols will be popped shortly.

I bought some se7en for all mankind jeans. Yes, I know. I'm not a label freak but they are damn comfy. And a little baggy, which I like.

My hair is a rat's nest right now, lol. A shower will surely help.

My face has been breaking out like WHOA! For the past week of two! What the hell???

I still don't know what I weigh. I kinda wish I did, but I'm kinda glad I don't.

Eats yesterday included a decent amount of veggies and fruit.

Time to do a bunch of stuff, have a great weekend!


She's gorgeous. I love her dress and arms.

I love her dress too, damn. Maybe today I'll buy a dress.

Nice back. Every other day I twist so I can see my back; I look for bones. Rib bones.


I dig the vintage look.

Hey skinny goddess in the flowers.

I'm going to mimic the models. I'd like to be thinner. I am working on it everyday.

Today I don't look half bad :) 

That knowledge propels me forward.

Think thin.



Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts! I feel like we have a lot in common: my house recently burned down, too; I'm going to a house show tonight; we're both older than many girls w/ ana blogs; and so on. Hope you have a fantastic day. :)))

Anonymous said...

enjoy your birthday <3

those gummy vitamins sure sound good .. i might get some this weekend.
(love boney backs)

Emmmmm. said...

Girl you are so inspiring to me, I really look up to you. (:
But you smoke that blunt and get fucked up, it's what life is alll about! Hahah well I hope your night goes well, don't drink too much or you might get sick. (I smoked and drank and got so messed up) And cleaning, that's an amazing distraction. I still live with my mom because I'm only fifteen, but I clean abolutely everything. Girl, just hang in there, you're so strong and so amazing to me. (:
I'm here if you ever need anything. ♥
Hope you had a good timee!