well hello

well hello

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hahaha I keep losing followers. That's cool, I wouldn't follow me either. I'm a bad influence.

In other news. I'm hungry! No food yet today and it's already 5:30 PM. Just coffee and tea :) I like this feeling. I like the appreciative glances I receive when walking around on campus or a store or something. People like skinny. It's a fucking fact.

Today I met up with C. for coffee and a walk and lots of swinging on swings at a playground. We had a great time and talk. He gave me a few things for my birthday, which was TOTALLY unexpected but completely touching. He is a sweetheart and so, so, strong. He's built but looks thin. He crushes me when we hug, which I obviously love. He is a great kisser too :)

We'll see what happens with all that, I'm terrified of commitment but he might be worth it. IDK.

My birthday was ok. My friends took me out and got me massively drunk (I didn't puke though *sad face*). I had fun but birthdays are filled with unspoken expectations and the whole shebang kind of makes me sick. I don't want to have all that attention. I don't want everyone to know I am [GASP!] aging! Lol who cares though, right? Just like I don't give a fuck that 3 people decided to stop following me in like 2 weeks. I get it, I haven't been posting, whatever. I guess it stings a little -- but it's not like I've never stopped following a blog.

I mean, it's just ME. And like I said, I have bad habits and I am not a good influence at all. I drink, I smoke, I do drugs, I skip class, I starve myself, I eat whole pizzas sometimes; I am just kind of a hot mess but you love it. That's right, YOU! You, who is reading, spellbound, by my amazing, dramatic, traumatic life and lifestyle.

SO that's that, and I can't even type anymore. I'm way too hyped up on coffee and my fingers are not working. Maybe my body needs sustenance ... well I say FUCK YOU body! You're too fat for food.

Think thin*



Emry said...

I'm still following/reading & don't plan on going anywhere!


Dizzy Eyes said...

i adored this post. i follow your blog and it's been one of my favorites for such a long time, i'm deff not considering unfollowing you. =)

Anonymous said...

Well, you'll never lose me as a follower. I identify with you way too much!!