well hello

well hello

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Loathe, my pretty

All of a sudden I'm talking to three guys. Pimpin' ain't easy. My head gets all hot and I sense my face flush when I admit to myself how badass I feel. It's awkward. And all week I've been walking around with a bright red pimple on my (normally clear) face, so go figure that. I've saw all of them this week. Jeez. Now it's just about the weekend, and I'm freaking out. This guy J. I haven't blogged about yet. There are two J.'s and a C.

Lmao. Anyway.
J. is super sexy and tall. We unfortunately work together. What is with me? I need to NOT pick up guys at work. It's not my fault though, I'm just my self at work and they are drawn to it, sometimes, not always. I swear I'm not a conceited bitch.

But J... damn. He is the sexiest guy I've ever seen, no lie. He is built like a god and he's really nice! There's a catch, of course ... he's a year and two months younger than me. That's a problem. I don't like younger guys. I like older guys. I've dated younger guys before, but I vowed to stop.

And the other J. is also a tall hottie. We met extremely randomly but get along.
C. is a sweetie who writes me long emails. He is attractive but not mind blowingly so.

I am sick of it though. I really am. I don't want to be so distracted by boys every minute but if they're not there I'm not happy. I like it and I hate it. Same with this e.d. I like it and don't wish to give it up, at the same time I despise myself for being so idiotic around food, and for making up food rules, and for purging expensive food; I despise having two sides to this story. I despise being a victim to circumstance and human nature. I wish I was invincible. I wish I was completely independent and glorious. I feel like I am out of control. I am smoking more and more and more and more and more oh and I'm smoking right now. I have missed a few classes but school has been going on for a month so I don't feel too bad I suppose.

I worry that I'm leading all of these boys on. I fear that I'll never let go of this e.d. because there is no love when I love punishing myself. No man should have to deal with that, deal with me..

So I won't allow it. I can't dedicate myself to this and that. I do not wish to become fatter, and that's what will happen when I stop caring. I care about getting thin. It's something that matters to me. That's significant, because lately nothing matters.

I've ate today. I'm at about 1300 calories, but it's night, and I'm going to bed. I hate myself sometimes. I feel like I started this post off happily and slowly fell down the slope. I let my brain chill for a minute, I let it take a step back and point accusingly in my direction and say, "See, you freak? It's too much, slow it up before you crash."

Do I listen? Hahahaha


I am so out of it.

In one of my classes this semester there are maybe 7 girls in the class. Every girl is thin. There are three that are thinner than me for certain. Two of them are short and thin, so they are just tiny people which I cannot relate to. The other is tall, like me. She's thinner. It's on, bitch.

Think thin ...


They hate each other.


Anonymous said...

xD its on bitch? well my fingers are crossed that you will 'win' :)

the boy predicament... well it sounds to me that you like "j" the hottet one you have ever seen xD. i dont think you are leading them on- just being friendly there's nothing bad about that!
and dont say that its unfair on them because im sure any guy would die to know you !

chin up love,ok :)


Flushed said...


Have you see that those two have gained weight in the new season? I think the network made them do it.

Anyway, I'm super jel that you are tall. I'm one of the shorties at 5'3" :\ One day when I'm rich I'll invest in lipo and a stretcher, but maybe by then they'll have made a pill I can take legally.

Go with the guy that lights yo fire!