well hello

well hello

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Within you

Good morning and my throat is killing me. That's what I get for [not gently] shoving my fingers down my throat in a moment of panic and rage last night. My voice is raspy and quite honestly I feel the beginnings of sickness. Perfect. So damn much going on this week and the last thing I fucking need is to be anything less than in the perfect health.

Even now, I'm screwing shit up. I woke up at 5:55 AM so I could shower and properly prepare [ie: memorize the notes for my quiz at 8] but all I could do was blast the heat to warm up and prepare some hot tea in hopes of soothing my ragged throat. It is now twenty five minutes past six and I'll be late unless I start getting ready now. So no shower. Change of plans for the day. Luckily it's raining, so that'll be my excuse for looking like swamp thing.


Finish this blog post, get ready, drink copious amounts of tea [no food].
Class at eight.
Cancel counseling appointment [sucks but what can you do?], come straight home after class, and nap for an hour or so.
Wake up, take a quick, energizing shower, and study for test at two.
Take test at two. See how I'm feeling. Skip last class if necessary.

Come home, get in bed, READ, SLEEP.

If everything goes as planned [which it probably won't - but it's nice to be hopeful in the innocent morning] then I will have fasted the day away.

No more screw ups like last night.

I just want to get back in bed, pull the covers up high, and sleep past this stressful day. Although that's not an even close to an option.

I just got up and looked in the mirror. *shudders*

Ugh, when will I not hate what I see?

[the answer is: GET THIN]

Take care.

xo~ Sar


Anonymous said...

When I start to get sick, I always take insane amounts of vitamin-C every couple hours. It sounds like it would tear you stomach up, but it never has mine. My grandmother told me to do this, and it always works! Echinacea is good to ward off colds, etc., too. It usually cuts a 2-week cold into a 2-day one if I take it religiously when I start to feel sick.

Hop you feel better soon! :)

zen said...

I chew Vit C pills all day, yummy orange flavored ones, when getting sick.
And I look like the swamp thing today too... combo of pms (thus not giving a shit about preening) and humidity.
Oh and Drink TONS OF WATER!!!
Hope you get your snooze soon.
xoxo zen