well hello

well hello

Saturday, November 21, 2009


She looks awesome right?
I had a website up before, but I am editing that post as we speak, darlings, because I worry it may have offended.

Just hope everyone is doing well. I cannot honestly complain at the moment. I have plans tonight with T. I am feeling thinner than I have felt in awhile (but nowhere near thin, not even close to what I was before). I am smoking my last bowl. I feel sorta peaceful I guess. Just ready to get control. ToTaL control! I don't even feel hunger. I feel sick at the thought of eating, because I have ate some gross shyt, ie. fried anything, SUGAR. BREAD. Imagine how that looks all chewed up and covered in neon yellow stomach acid. Nasty, right? SO why the eff would a normal person even bother with that whole process. It's gotta be bad for you.

^I am officially losing it.

but you know what? any tactic that will keep me away from food I will embrace. because:

I will be thinner than I am today. I will never stop restricting. This is who I am.

<3 <3


Anonymous said...

Eh. The site is helpful if you have those sort of questions, I guess. You don't have a box for those who felt indifferent to it.

Sar said...

I always screw up the font..

Stick Thin said...

:) Have fun with T. I'm glad you are feeling thinner. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! i like your blog! especially like what you said about imagining your food already digested! that just helped me successfully avoid the delicious dinner my roommate is making as i type. thanks alot! stay strong <3