well hello

well hello

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh man.

Above all else I am a creative, non-fiction writer.

Never forget that.

I am on cloud 9. I am so high off the air. I feel good. I feel happy.

It's T.

Gawdd I was so confused earlier. But luckily we made out tonight. Omg.

I am drunk, I'm sorry, this post is silly.
But the post earlier was rough. I was feeling real down. Now I feel UP.

LoL. I am giggling, people.

THINK THIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always remember: nothing tastes as good as thin feels...



1 comment:

Stick Thin said...

ah i love that thinspo quote.

Glad you are feeling better!! When you aren't high/drunk I hope you tell us your Non-fiction story about you and T!!! That seriously makes me so happy that you are happy.