well hello

well hello

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy? Thanksgiving...

Yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away.
Yesterday, I binged on fresh whole wheat bread.

WAKE UP!?! Bread is bad. Carbs are bad. Today I am FAT. Perfect.

There goes any hope for enjoying food today. So I am fasting. Fuck it. No food, nothing, SERIOUSLY NOTHING until later on when I sit down at dinner. Salad first, a big one, NO EXCEPTIONS. No dressing. My mom has salsa in the fridge I'm sure, so I will use a teaspoon of that to liven things up.
No dinner roll. NO butter on mashed potatoes. Luckily I use my vegetarianism as an excuse to skip turkey, gravy, & stuffing. 1 slice of pumpkin pie with no whipped cream.

These are my rules for today. Small but worthwhile rules I can embrace.

I am so out of control. I guess I was just missing T. last night. I went to the store (to buy cat litter!!) and left with the bread ... dumb.

Come on, Sar. Where did your wonderful will power go?
It is on its way back. I will not fail. Today will be a success, in my terms.

Ughhhhh I am so bloated : (
Whyy did I even go there? What happened? I don't get it. It didn't even SINK IN until I woke up and checked the mirror, as usual. Ohgod. Help.

The only way I can make this positive is by SUCCEEDING today. I HAVE to. I HAVE to use this fuck up as fuel to my fire.

Hope you all enjoy the holiday. Xo


*Think Thin*


MyNameIsMellon said...

Pfft! I can forget it. My mom made separate vegetarian stuff just for me (Oh joy). Fml.Btw,next time you want a binge go for some ice cream or yogurt. At least that can be purged. I hate bread because it tastes good (especially when freshly baked) but it makes my face faaaaaaaaat! Plus I can't purge it. =(. (Not so) Happy Thanksgiving.

Stick Thin said...

I hope your plan worked out for you! Sorry about the bread, the carb bloat will go away. I hope you and T are well