well hello

well hello

Friday, December 11, 2009


I am so unbelievably cold. My heat stopped working in my apartment. Keep in mind that I am in the Northeast and we are experiencing a blizzard!! Shit. I texted the landlord, called him once, my Dad called him....and nothing. He is apparently warm and comfy in his house and couldn't care less about his cold tenants. Pshh.

Hung with T. last night ::sigh::
He is dreamy. He makes me feel good. Self-conscious, shy..but good. I think we have a chance. I have tried screwing stuff up a little, and it worked. We didn't see each other for a few days. But we talked and reconnected. I emailed him. He sent me long texts (lol). I am not hungry around him, which is great. He is ALWAYS eating or talking about food. Wtf? Is this all guys? He is skinny though; he kinda has a girl's body. I mean that in the nicest way possible, I mean he obviously has a dicK..lol sorry, just smoking and typing again. The silliest things come out. I am very attracted to him, his brain and body. He is incredibly smart and funny.

He is motivation to lose weight.
The perfect reason to drop pounds.
He likes to touch my bones,
I noticed. He touches me gently.
I wish to be thinner,
a butterfly pinned down
by T.'s arms.


I have a test in 55 minutes. I am sitting here getting high and writing quasi-poetry about T. and thin. I am a slacker right now. I could be studying! I could be getting dressed! (I am in pjs with a blanket wrapped around me)...GET UP SAR!!!!

Love to everyone *

Think Thin!! Stay StrOng!!!!

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