well hello

well hello

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am awake, T. is upstairs in my loft, sleeping. Ah, pure contentment. I woke before he did, because I still have my freakin' period and I was worried while I was sleeping that I was, well...leaking. So I got up and he is snoring and this is a perfect time to express myself.
My God I am crazy about this guy.
I had this ridiculous dream though, that is partly what woke me. It was in three parts (my dream): the first was T. and I, traveling. Things seemed "normal" but then we stopped to meet up with some of his family and things turned strange. He ended up telling me that he was still talking to his ex and basically I was out of the picture. The dream literally ends with me about to fuck Amy Winehouse. It was hardcore.
What the fuck? What a dream. I mean parts of it simply coincide with what is really going on. He asked me to come meet his mom, which we are not doing yet, we are waiting until after finals. We fell asleep naked (so that explains the me and Amy getting naked and freaky thing). Idk. I am weird. Not a lesbian, more like "unlabeled" .. but I haven't dreamt of a woman in that way in quite awhile. I guess last night's amazing sex with T. propelled that.

Oh man!

I am freezing.
Yesterday's intake: 1 oatmeal packet. 1/2 Subway veggie patty sub with a little too much sweet onion sauce (evil Subway worker). 1 mini bag of sun chips. 1 mandarin orange cup. tons of (fat free) cappuccino at work. 1 cookie. wine. a shot. a BEER!!! (wtf i hate that fattening shit).

I went to bed hungry, daydreaming of breakfast food. I am now up, sipping water. No food today. Fuck it.

I want to be skiiinnnnyyyy!!!

I want to never have the fear that T. is leaving me for a skinnier, prettier chick. I am that chick. I seriously wanna marry this dude. and no he does not know it! I refuse to let him feel that much in charge of my emotions.

Speaking of. It is not too often there is a gorgeous guy in my bed. I am going back : )

Think thin, lovelies.

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Stick Thin said...

I want to see pics!!!! I am so happy for you girl

stay happy