well hello

well hello

Thursday, December 24, 2009


How does it feel?
Like a rolling stone.

{B. Dylan}

I got my grades. Out of the 5 classes I initially took on, I only had two actual grades: C and C-. Then an assortment of letters. WC for withdrawal from one, F in the one I stopped going to. I, as in Incomplete, for another.

So I never wrote that paper, that is why I have the I. I have until February 1st to write it, and I need to do a great job! I am now on academic probation :(
Fuck college!!

I can't believe the wasted money.

I am high. I went to Walmart to pick up some last minute gifts, and I bought cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls. They're huge! And silly me, I just ate two. Gross. but good. but HORRIBLE. but I haven't ate anything else. but NASTY WTF!?!?

Ok. It's Christmas Eve and I am not going to beat myself up over this. I work for 5 hours this evening and while there I will sip nothing but water and eat absolutely nothing on my break all because of this foul binge. And that's fine. No food. Nada. Zilch. I need to MAINTAIN (thanks Flushed)!!!!

One hour until work, and I think I'll head down to the liquor store and buy my bro a mini bottle..haha what a sister I am. Just a mini one though.
Ah, my back hurts. I have been sleeping like shit. I have been eating like shit. I need to shape the fuck up.

Staying away from negative thoughts - staying away from negative thoughts

be happy. be free. be thin. be a love.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.
I will be going back home tomorrow morning. Oh, tomorrow is going to be tricky. My plan? Salad. Lots of freakin' salad and a tablespoon of certain side dishes. And wine.

I just wanna keep losing. Supposedly I weigh 132. I don't believe my scale though! It has got to be broken. I do not feel like I lost two pounds but perhaps this lose it app on t-touch really works. Or maybe it is just the practice of recording everything that goes into your mouth. Haha I could make a dirty joke here but I won't. Either way, I am ready to drop ten pounds during January. I want it to be noticeable.

Later peeps!
Stay strong tomorrow!!

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Stick Thin said...

Thank you for not beating yourself up!! I love you. You'll be fine. Xoxox