well hello

well hello

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exhausted and oh-so hyper!

I'm in the library at quarter to midnight. I just finished the religion paper that was due this morning, haha, and hopefully my instructor will not take off points for my lateness. It's only a day, and I talked to him, and emailed him. So he knows what's up. And my paper kicks serious ass.

However I must write another. This one is due tomorrow at 11 AM. The chances of me turning it in then are slim to none. I am hyped up but exhausted. This next paper is for Philosophy, which is fucking hard all around. Sigh. I wish I didn't have to, but you know how I feel about wishes. They don't mean shit!

I am just here taking a little break. I can't believe all of this, I really can't. School stresses me out. Once this next paper is done, I have to write ANOTHER paper for Yoga, of all things. My God. And then three exams over three consecutive days. AND THEN FREEDOM!!!!!!!
aka Summer...for about two weeks....

and then....SUMMER SCHOOL. I am taking an online literature class. and then, once that is successfully completed, I will enjoy about a month of Summer/Freedom. and then, I must find an apartment for my LAST semester of college. Yep, that's right. Graduation looms on the horizon. So, everything I just listed, and then, the Fall semester, and then I am officially an adult in the *real world*.

Yeah I'm fucking scared.

So. Much. Work.


It is exhausting to think about it all, so I will now focus on the task at hand: my next 8 page paper. What the fuck. Whatthefuckwhatthefuck, fuckshitasscunt. hguehgjkesdfkls hfkj

Ok. So, I am feeling thin today, yay!

I love standing in front of the mirror, turning sideways, and feeling good about myself. Sometimes, on a particularly good day, I actually stick my stomach out! Just to see how far it doesn't go. Haha I bet you do it too....

Well, I'll leave you with that lovely image. Sorry I haven't posted any thinspo lately. The fire took away my computer with my thinspo folder, and I literally have had no time to browse the web for more. Post some for me!!!

I love you allllllllll!

And if you're in college, good luck with finals! I know they might just kill us, but let's not let them do that. Let's CONQUER college and VANQUISH the stress!!!!!!

Think thin!!!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels............

SO true.. I live by that ^

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Stick Thin said...

I just started my semester. I got my first paper back, it was an abstract of a journal article.

15 out of 25. 60%

I am scared that i will fail at college now.