well hello

well hello

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New weight and No sleep.

It's three fucking AM and I have class at eight. I am two and one half pages into an eight page paper. I have not slept. I am drinking diet pepsi. I hate school and my neck is strained and the library is closed and all I want is to be done!

Soon, so soon. I'm hungry, damnit. Stupid food. Thankfully, there is really nothing here. Maybe I'll have a snack in an hour or so, God knows I need to keep my energy up. I am writing about Zoroastrianism...ever hear of it? Probably not. I didn't until yesterday. And now here I sit, it's so late, wah. I don't wanna.

But I shall press on. Why? Why the fuck not? I just want to get this handed in, I don't want to worry about it tomorrow. I don't want to ask for an extension. I'll just stay up and finish it, shower, and go to class exhausted. I'll sleep when I get home and then it'll be time to do it again, because I have another paper due tomorrow. Fuck.

Oh T.

He just texted me something to make me laugh. SIGH. Why is he so awesome?/ <3

I mean, why does he suck so bad?

I mean, why aren't we together right this minute?

I mean, I mean....

Must. Finish. Paper.

Must. Finish. Paper.


Ok, enough distracting myself. It is now quarter after three. I'm going to pee and then step outside for a smoke and THEN I'm going to come back in and finish this damn paper (if it kills me!)

A plan. Deep Breath. A plan. I have a plan.

I love you guys.

I hope you're thinking thin....

I know I am.

I want to be thin and pretty. So I will. How about you?

Oh, P.S. I weighed myself at my parent's house over the weekend......127 : )

Nice. Verrrryyyyy nice.

Let's hope it keeps getting lower.........

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Stick Thin said...

Very very niceee.

Finish your paper you crazy girl. And then sleep. And maybe lose another pound.

Sorry about the T situation. I want you to be happy!!!