well hello

well hello

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fast as you can.

I'm sick of my Mom giving me dirty looks just because I'm skinny. I'm tired of her asking me to eat, or what I ate, or if I want pie, etc. I'll eat if and when I want to, damnit.
Sorry you're fat. Sorry you don't know how to eat healthy. Sorry I have more control than you. Thanks for the freaking hips and boobs, Mother darling. Thanks for the sweet tooth.

I defy it, though.

So far today I've had one Tim Hortons iced cappucinno.
No food.

Can I keep going?

I'm thinking yeah, I can.
Think thin**


Anonymous said...

I hate when people try to make me eat, too. When I'm hungry or I want to eat something, I will. If I don't reach for it, chances are that I don't want it. People can be so dense.

flabby-j said...

ditto. why do people in today's society try to force u to eat when they eat? i'm perfectly fine with just watching them eat - i don't want it. but they almost torture/force u to eat with them - just hate it. eat if u are hungry, don't make me eat, geez. but how can we tell them? /xo