well hello

well hello

Friday, September 18, 2009

Self restraint is key!

~* .I need to practice the Art of Self Restraint. *~

-Going to walk for an hour or so. I just ate some laxies, which is rare around here. I don't like swallowing pills. I take 2 pills every single day. Isn't that weird? 2 prescribed pills: Yaz & Zoloft. The sad thing is that I can't just stop taking them, my body will go nuts and I will be moody as hell as my hormones shift and my seratonin levels bottom out. I hate taking these pills. I am not even having sex! I am not depressed, I am just, I don't know, but Zoloft is not doing it's job. If it was then why am I so numb? Why so indifferent? Why so detached? I rarely even talk to anyone anymore, and when I do it's awkward!!

Walking. Now. Sar. Stop. Smoking. Stand. Up. Walk. Walk. Walk.


Anonymous said...

You won't lose weight as long as you're on drugs. And if you do it'll come RIGHT back on. I lost 25 pounds (145 to 120) without any drugs, lost five more from not eating and from drugs, and then snapped and gained twenty of it back.

Stick Thin said...

You can too lose weight on drugs. Some don't help, others do. Glad you can get a walk in!

Sar said...

I know, right? What's with the anonymous comment? Not cool man..I would like to see a "name" attached to that claim!