well hello

well hello

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Greetings, earthlings..
Today was busy, but not horrible. I like being on the move. I slept for maybe five hours before all the action. I had to go to the place where my brother got my mother's car towed (long story, he's still young and stupid...aren't we all?). I attended a baby shower. I went (grocery) shopping with my mother. Luckily, she has been more willing to buy healthy stuff. And more willing to listen to me! Because I am an EXPERT on what is good and bad and safe. Just kidding, I am really interested though.
Speaking of food, I ate decently today, including at the shower. We all know it's easy to overeat at events like that... I had salad with the tiniest amount of dressing (I just put it on for show, I couldn't even taste it), chopped fruit (not too much), 1 small red potato (it was chilling in a pool of something-probably butter, but it was quite tiny), 1/2 cup of ziti with a zesty red sauce, and green beans (also soaking in a unidentified substance, damn it).

I was actually proud of myself. No second helpings, small portions...yeah!! Go me! BUT (and there's always a but) I had a small slice of frosted cake. They also gave me ice cream in a seperate dish which I didn't touch...

Ok, continuing with the food diary:
Breakfast was 2 slices of whole wheat toast w/ "I can't believe it's not butter!" - I needed something substantial to ensure I didn't overeat at the baby shower...and it worked. Gotta remember that.
Lunch was the stuff I mentioned up there^^.
Dinner was a salad with some cheese & dressing, a string cheese, bbq chips (holy hell I'm addicted), & then a couple hours later I had an egg salad sandwich on 2 MORE pieces of whole wheat bread. With a slice of cheese & lettuce.
I need to chill with the cheese.

I'm gross. That is A TON!

I just got up to look in the mirror (it is 11 at night) and I want you to know that I look fat. I hate my stomach. I don't see how other parts of my body can look decent but my tummy has to stick out. Especially after I eat.

Ok, in my defense, I did drink last night. I went out to the club and was dancing and barely ate at all yesterday so clearly my body was trying to play catch up. And I'm a bad, bad girl for allowing this to happen.

Drinking depletes nutrients and electrolytes. I wanted to restore them today. So I did. And now I pay the price: I am STILL hungry but terrified to eat.

Think thin people.

Because fat people suck.

Oh the obesity I witnessed at the shower today. People are disgusting and the fat girls went for seconds and their shirts were tight with rolls available for the world to see.
Don't be like them.

Just restrict.

Masquerade by Joshua Panda

^I just needed to save this awesome song b/c it tends to disappear from myspace ^

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glass-skin said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment :) I've been busy, first with the end of 3rd year, then with being back home. It was so sweet of you to check up on me ^_^
I shall blog again, once I have something not so whiney to post, haha.
I hope you've been doing well. I need to catch up on your blog!