well hello

well hello

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skinny babe.

Thanks everyone.. it's great for my ego to read such nice compliments : ) If only I could see myself through the eyes of an outsider. My hateful eyes see what is negative and ugly about me.

I am chilling alone at three thirty AM and smoking a little while having a ridiculous text conversation with *the admirer*. I almost just want to refer to him as that, but I won't be so demeaning. He is J.

ST, you asked how we met? Well it's rather strange...he bartends at this small, eclectic bar five minutes from my parents house. I've known who he is for a few years, maybe two. We never really talked until a few weeks ago, when I moved back home. He is older than me and the bar is his family's business. He lives above it. He probably sounds like a loser and maybe he is, but I don't get that vibe. I think he is smart and down to earth. Of course, my taste in guys is totally skewed.

I'm thirsty, hang on a minute, will ya?
I'm back, with water. Yum. Water and ice, make me thin and nice. Just kidding - I am so moody when I'm hungry. 
Back to J. He is my height, with a cute babyface, and VERY skinny. He laughs easily and is very talkative. Tonight he sent me a video of him singing a song about me. It was all very weird, and yet I am attracted to his boldness. I would honestly love to post the video on here, oh my god, you'd all get a good laugh, I'm sure. But again, I need to respect this dude and not make such a joke out of him! 

What is wrong with me? I have a dude vying for my attention and I'm acting all hard to get. I'm acting like I'm better then him. I'm repulsed with myself and even more mad at him for daring to break my steely reserve. I am guarded, damn it! And you are NOT getting in. Or getting to me.

Ugh, men. Ugh, me.
I am so...what, exactly? I am a mess, that's for sure. My food habits are ridiculous. Today really wasn't awful, could have went worse. I'm not going to bother posting what I ate because now that I look at the clock that was officially yesterday and I am free for now! My stomach is empty and that's the way I like it. Stupid food.

Must. Not. Eat.

Food sucks. 

Think thin!

Skinny chick in a slamming dress! I want it!
I need to go shopping soo bad. I miss my old wardrobe, damn fire. 
Well it's as good of an excuse as any to REBUILD!
Tomorrow I think I will go clothes shopping.

I had to repost this. She is severely skinny and I like it!
I want that.
I will be that skinny.

Oh wow, I just noticed her ribs on the side of her dress. Oh, so, gorgeous.
BoNeS are BeAuTiFuL!

((when did i become so cliche?))

Think thin, you gorgeous thin person, you!

xo- Sar

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Charr. said...

Haha, you must be quite a catch if you have a guy you barely know singing for you!! :P Congrats haha.
Wow, love her collarbones so much > <