well hello

well hello

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mad Ana.

How many times a night am I going to check Blogger? I love your comments - they're my obsession. They make me tick.

I didn't speak with my parents at all after dinner, well actually there was a brief altercation with my mom. I told her it wasn't acceptable (what my dad was saying/how he was acting). I told her to be a role model.

I'm sort of regretting it now, 8 hours later. I am 23 years old. Can I really judge what is acceptable and what is not in a marriage? I feel like I can't, but I want to say that I can.
It's not that I am smarter than her. I just have intuition.

I use "just" a LOT in my writing.

Just realized : )

Look, my throat hurts. I am stressed. I am debating on whether or not to go to this outdoor reception tomorrow. I feel sick. My stomach feels sick and full because about an hour ago I cracked open a can of refried beans. I made a bean burrito and a bean taco. I also snacked on some crackers and hummus (2 or 3 servings). I feel gross. I was doing good but this thing with my parents has got me so sad. And mad. And aggravated.

I can't WAIT to move out. Did I tell you I found a place to live? I. Can. Not. Wait.


Death becomes her.

think thin.

[i just want to puke so bad so bad so bad]

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