well hello

well hello

Friday, June 11, 2010

Empty Eyes, Eat Less...

No I don't want to try the new template designer- I hate change.

Not true, tonight I straightened my hair and it is soo long! I like :)

My stomach feels sick right now. Today:
B- plain lowfat yogurt with blueberries- 100 cal
L- oven-baked french fries with ketchup- 500 cal
D- Amy's low sodium brown rice/veggie bowl- 340
And later, some chocolate- 330

Total? 1270 for the day.

Not terrible, but no good. And last night before bed I had a veggie burger and some cheese pizza pockets, so I'll add another 500 cal to the day, for my REAL fatass total. 1770.

At least it's under 2000, shit.

It is quarter before one in the morning, and pretty soon I'll be leaving for the bar, yet again. All I do these days is drink real late with my good friend. She works late, so it works out like that. It's fine though, not like I fall asleep before dawn anyway.

I blew some money tonight at Wally World, ahh, it feels good to spend on frivolous shit.
Whatevs, I needed the hair straightener (other was lost in the fire) and I grabbed my Dad a card for Father's Day which is coming up on Sunday. Well no shit, I just glanced at my calendar and saw that it is not this Sunday, but next. Way to be prepared, Sar.

Tomorrow I am going to the city with my other friend S. We are going to dance our booties off at a show. I look forward to the exercise. I will restrict all day, obviously, so I look my best. I am on the prowl. I want to kiss someone. Or fall in love <3

Who am I kidding?

I need to love myself before I can love another, blahblahblahblah. Tis true though. And I DO NOT love myself, not hardly. I can see it happening, maybe, in the future. But today? Nah.

I really can't write/type/blog now. I am keyed up and stressin'.

I just want to mellow out, maybe I'll grab a smoke before I go.

Think thin, people. You only get one body, make it a beautiful, sculpted one.

Nothing will ever taste as good as thin feels. [this one is SO true - live by it]

Empty is strong.


She is so perfect, what a tiny belly.

This last one cracks me up. You guys hear about this? It was from Urban Outfitters, but some citizens were angered by the "anorexia-promoting" message, so it got pulled from the website. I think the color is bland and I would never personally wear it, but I am certainly NOT offended. It's fashion...I guess. I am more offended by men in super tight jeans.

What do you think?


Stick Thin said...

I heard about that shirt. I am against it because eating disorders aren't a game. They are real. Thats my opinion.

I hope you are doing well :) Stay positive! :)


Daisy said...

No wayy!! I didn't hear about this shirt but I saw it on the site and was soooooooo tempted to buy it...HAH, should have while I could have