well hello

well hello

Friday, June 18, 2010

Family drama.

Disruption around the dinner table tonight. My dysfunctional family paves the way for my mental fucking illness and disordered eating. My father is a perfect example of what I'll never be, I hate that I am compared to him. What an asshole.

Here's what happened: my mom made dinner (2 seperate pans: mine was 3 spinach, feta, potato pirogies, brussel sprouts, and a chopped tofurkey; theirs was the rest of the pirogies, brussel sprouts, and a chopped italian sausage). Yes it might sound like a weird combo, but it was really delicious.

Anyway. My dad hates veggies, ALL OF THEM and won't open his mind, EVER. So we sit down, he complains about the brussel sprouts that were sauteed with the rest and rudely fills his bowl with only meat and pirogies. He slices open a pirogie, sees that it's not the usual potato and cheese, and says, "I'm not eating this, there's broccoli in this!" My mom said, "it's not broccoli, it's feta and spices." (she wasn't lying, there was no spinach in those babies). He basically freaked out, went and dumped them back in the pan, grabbed pretzels from the pantry, and sat back down with sausage and pretzels.

Now, my father is obese. He needs veggies and fruit. He is over 60. He obviously doesn't give two shits about his health and it's a large source of contention in our home.
So, my mom is sitting there, hurt. She keeps glancing at me, as I stare out the window, disgusted. My father says, "I work all day and expect something good for dinner, blah blah, I hate this, if it was up to me I would spend $30/week on take-out and be fine."

At this point I open my mouth, and exclaim, "wow you're so rude. you're not the only one who worked today, mom did too. this looks and tastes delicious. these pirogies taste like every other pirogie i've ever had- good! And eating take-out every day will put you on a fast track to a heart attack, that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard."

My mom says, "you could start planning the meals."
My dad says, "absolutely not!"

At this point I just stood up and took my dish into my bedroom, where I now sit. It just got nasty, REAL FAST, and I can not get over how rude my asshole father was and how hurt and meek my mom acted.

I am sick of them. If they're so unhappy then just get a freakin' divorce. At this point I'd be happy if they did.

In other news, the scale FINALLY dropped to 129 today.

I did eat dinner, but I am not too worried about it.

I can fast when and if I need.

Think thin*


Emry said...

Sorry to hear about the family troubles. That would be annoying. Congrats on the scale though!

Stick Thin said...

:( I'm sorry. I talked to my therapist yesterday about my Dad, and how I think his absense during a majority of my life has caused and still causes me a lot of pain. She asked me to "try and determine what I want from my dad". Sadly. I don't want anything from him anymore, or at least I don't know what I want.

But I'm sure it would be easier to say that if he was rude, because he's not. I don't like fighting, and I'm sorry that you had to be there for it. It sounds like your Mom deserves more than that, ugh.

Love ya!