well hello

well hello

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keep calm.

I am feeling somewhat positive today. The Grateful Dead is playing and adding to my bliss. All I did was put away laundry and organize a few things and it really made a difference in my state of mind! It is 4:15 pm and I am considering a walk. The sun is shining and it's a perfect way to get some much-needed exercise.
I can restrict all I want but if I don't exercise I will be flabby and I would never want that.

So. I will walk to the video store and back. It's like 3 or 4 miles (round trip). I'll google it. It will allow me to get outside and kill some time (and burn calories). My prize will be a dvd!

Speaking of calories, today I have ingested few : )

And I am going to stay this way. I hate stuffing myself and feel like shit whenever I do, so... I'm just not going to anymore. My payoff will be thinness. I am sick of binges and what they do to my mind.
Food is so disgusting. Random, but I can proudly say that I have not had one fried mozzarella stick this semester. They used to be my favorite thing to get on campus; they were fried and greasy and doused in oil, and I dipped them in marinara sauce. Ugh. Nasty!!!!
I have prevailed! I've made it to spring break without seriously indulging in my school's terrible cafeteria food. It honestly just scares me to do so. When I am there I look around, some [fat] girls get chicken finger subs slathered in bleu cheese, fries, cookies and a large pepsi. I bet the calorie count for that mess is 3000. I am scared for them. I hope that is all they eat for the day. What a horrifying existence. Call me stuck up, I don't care. I don't let greasy, nasty food control me. ESPECIALLY on campus, where everyone is watching.. I mean, just look at some nutrition facts once in awhile.

Ok, I binge on candy. Like that makes it better. But I would rather have a sweet tooth than binge on fried meat. Have I mentioned I'm a vegetarian and have been basically for life? It's the only way to live. I will be vegan when school is over, I am thinking. I'll just need a better kitchen to prepare vegan food. The apartment I live in now is small and "student housing".

When I enter the real world, things will be different. I have less than a year.

I just talked to B. (ex) for a bit. I was going to go visit this restaurant where he works and he wanted to buy me a free meal (idk why..) but I looked at the menu online and there was nothing. So I got out off that : ) We might drink tomorrow, St. Patricks Day!!! I would rather not eat and spend calories on a liquid (preferably low cal soda water and vodka).

I'm hungry.
Ha. Fuck you stomach. My thighs shake for days and you can feast on them, it'll help me out.

Think thin.

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