well hello

well hello

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Motivation.

 Good Morning, it's 7:30 and foggy. I am so inspired by some of your blogs. Just wanted to post quickly before class;  I am sick of taking a laid back approach to life, I must boldly grab for what I want with both hands, not one. I want to be thinner, therefore I must name an attainable goal weight to reach within a week.

It's a start.
I will restrict everyday and continue my jumping jacks. I will run up the stairs every day. I have yoga today! I will do my best there :-)  I will WIN. I will be thin.

It bothers me when I weigh myself after eating--the scale jumps up. What's up with that?  It is so disheartening! I hate how the number on the scale moves so much.

Exercise! Think thin!

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