well hello

well hello

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magic Maker.

It's a new day. Since three wonderful souls took the time to comment, I must write. An update of sorts. I am okay. Well. I took two naps today. And smoked mucho. And ate nothing of substance, so I am hungry but feeling really full and bloated.
I tried texting T. something new, like "Have fun on your trip to see your brother." I got no response.
And it's ok.

It has to be, I mean, I can't force someone into a relationship just because it's my idea of the week. I wanted it to work, it didn't. So that's it. No dwelling. I will not text/call/email him. I will not speak to him until I see him next. That seems reasonable, because I rarely see him.
It is better this way.

Many tears over a guy. I am boy-crazy and thought I had control over my actions when it came to them. Ha, guess not. I went a little crazy. But he is done. Completely done with me. I must remember that!! "Breaking up" sucks.

(about 15 minutes later..i have add)

Time to go get my paycheck and purchase wine. Love to you all.

Oh, and think thin!.


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