well hello

well hello

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was doing great - [yoga and jumping jacks, restriction] until I went to the store and bought food. What the fuck, I'm a fatass.

chips. pretzels. dip.

whole wheat bread. [laughing cow] cheese.


Oh my god, I've ate a lot, why? Where did this binge come from?? More importantly, why did I let it happen? What happened to my control?

Sorry guys, how can I provide thinspiration to you and myself if I eat like an obese person with the munchies?

So much water now, no purge, just a laxative or two.

Any other ideas on how to get my thin back??


I took a shower after typing this, thought about my actions, got out, and purged.
I feel fat as fuck and disgusted with myself and sick to death of my fucked up relationship with food. I hate you, food. I really fucking do.

Think thin.

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