well hello

well hello

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thin Inspiration.

Let's compare, shall we..
In this next picture...who looks better?
The skinnier chick, obviously. They are both pretty, but their bodies speak for themselves. Skinny says control, ambition, talent. Fat says "I'd rather eat this double cheeseburger than care about my body" aka lazy/utilitarian/thoughtless. Maybe I'm biased. But damn. This picture is striking and I absolutely think the first girl is way hotter. It is a simple truism that humans are attracted to fit bodies. I want to be on the receiving end!!
I have to say though, after looking again, these girls definitely look digitally altered:

Think Thin*

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Rachel B. Nutt said...

I agree that the girl on the left is more pleasing to look at. The one on the right looks sloppy and easy to ignore.

However, I like that her hair looks more natural and her face looks kinder (not to mention her boobs look way more normal).

I think if SHE (girl 2) were also fit like the girl on the left, I think I would prefer her (girl 2).